Why so long to process/ship?

The 7-10 business day allowance is just to make sure you're not expecting it anytime sooner. Most orders do not take this long to process/ship but just in case there is a delay in the production process, you will be prepared. 

Are your works available in different sizes?

Yes, if you check out the options menu on each product page, you will see the different options you can purchase the print. Similar to clothing, artwork comes in (S, M, L, XL) options.  

How do you create these works?

Everything is done on a computer. I build the elements in Illustrator[Ai] and layout the image in Photoshop[Ps].

Do you do commission work?

At this time, no I don't. I am focusing on producing my own work. There will be certain times when I open up for commissions. LIKE my Facebook page to keep track of when i do! (link is at the bottom of page)

What is the return policy?

There is no return policy. ALL orders are final and can not be refunded. This is because orders begin to process as soon as they are placed.